Saturday, September 09, 2006

Why so much panic in Israel?

2 clubs in north close following violent incidents

107 people hurt in traffic accidents in last 24 hours, and 905 were "lightly wounded" according to Ynet News.

Jeez - more injuries (as opposed to deaths) in Israel from a day's worth of traffic accidents than from 34 days of war with so-called "terrorists" in Lebanon who are supposedly hell-bent on hurting civilians. Kinda makes you wonder - what is an accident?


Hope we don't have one here in Lebanon.

Reuters: Earthquake shakes Israel

A disturbing Israeli trend

BBC: Beirut's anger over lasting damage

NYT: Israel Ends Its Blockade of Lebanon’s Coastline

Clarifications from Iran regarding the Holocaust and suicide bombings

Friday, September 08, 2006

Witnesses: IDF troops seize six men in southern Lebanon

By The Associated Press

Israel Defense Forces troops seized six people, including a policeman, in two Lebanese villages on the border with Israel, residents and Lebanese security officials said...

Villagers in Aita al-Shaab said four of the young men seized were working at the local school when an IDF raiding party crossed over the border about one kilometer away and detained them Friday afternoon...

Another stupid move on Israel's part: Six Lebanese men were detained several hours ago, at least one of which was taken across the border to Israel, and still nothing about it in the news. What about the peacekeeping troops? The Lebanese army? What are they there for?

Israel's pie in the Mideast sky

"U.S. Jews must ask questions about their relationship with Israel"

The suspense is killing some people

Thursday, September 07, 2006

US Senate cool with cluster bombs

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Time will prove that Hizbullah was the biggest movement toward independence in Lebanon's history"

I Heart Beirut on Amsterdam's "Glamcult"

From Glamcult's September Issue.

(Download the PDF if you're interested in reading the article by Tanya Traboulsi, 'Last Days of Beirut').

Conflict resolution & NYC vandalism on 2nd Avenue

From The Lebanon Chronicle, who are behind all those lovely 'I heart Beirut' stickers.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"The argument for Israel's continuing blockade of Lebanon's air and seaports doesn't stand up to much scrutiny"

Rebuilding Lebanon: Residents Struggle to Cope with Destruction

Commotion over Jesus & Mary "apparitions" in Marjeyoun

Don't ask, I got it in the mail, and with so many crazy (supernatural) stories coming out of southern Lebanon these days (like machine-gun-toting headless soldiers, sword-carrying men on white horses, and "animal unity"), this is pretty much the only funny little thing I have to post. Only in Lebanon...

"Armenian Curse" (on Israel)

EDITO - Lebanon's Fate at the Hand of Israel: The Obliteration of a Country - By Armen Kouyoumdjian

Believe it or not, I used to be quite a fan of Israel during my young days in Beirut. I do not think it has anything to do with the fact that we are of the same age (I am 12 days older than Israel and much, much wiser). It probably relates to my early interest in military affairs. I even applauded its victories in the 1967 war, though it fucked up my last summer in Beirut, before I left that city for good in September of that year. It probably had not much to do with the several Jewish classmates I had at both school and university there, many of whom ended up for a short while in Israel before leaving it in disgust. I myself avidly followed all the great military prowess with great admiration. I soon realised how wrong I was...

The country which Israel has now decided to obliterate is not just any country. It is the cradle of the ancient Phoenician civilisation that gave the world its first modern alphabet, and pioneered international commerce. It has been the home of great artists and thinkers. It has given birth to some of the world's most brilliant business brains...

"Bush's Hezbollah hangover"

"Rebuilding Lebanon is a moral imperative - and a wise strategy"

Monday, September 04, 2006

Latest Nasrallah interview (translated)

Mideastwire has just translated another interview with Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, that of August 27th with Lebanon's New TV. Here's an excerpt:

On a possible Hizbullah vision of creating an Islamic or Islamic-Shiite state and working outside the state, Nasrallah said that Lebanon “is a weave of various entities, religions, parties, and sects, and cannot be ruled as an Islamic or Christian state or even an Islamic- Shiite state.” He added: “This is all US and Israeli threatening talk which was used in the past to make the Christians afraid of a possible Islamic state and apparently now they (US and Israel) want to create a new fear among the Sunnis from the Shiite.”

Nasrallah said: “Let me say what is in my heart… the state never fought to liberate my land, the Lebanese territories, so when we held arms and fought the occupation we became accused of becoming a threat… if the Lebanese detainees remained in Israeli prisons and no one said anything to get them out it was fine, but if we moved to free them then they call us adventurers.”

Nasrallah continued: “The state doesn’t move to liberate a land or free a detainee or protect us or feed us or help us or teach us or provide medication for us… it only takes taxes from us… it is a miracle that the people have remained silent about such an injustice… they want us to be killed or die of famine, diseases, remain ignorant… or we work to enhance our situation, tar the roads, and clean the streets and construct schools… and then they accuse us of being state within a state.”

Israelis see Hezbollah chief more credible than own in war: study

Shimon Peres in today's Guardian

This war has taught us that Israel must revise its military approach

The frontlines have disappeared in this new kind of conflict, and our old deterrent weapons are no longer enough

Shimon Peres - September 4, 2006 - The Guardian

In Lebanon we have experienced a new form of battle... The line of division between the battle front and the home front is largely blurred...

...The arms that a country like Israel has at its disposal are not designed for wars of this nature. It would be senseless to use a plane or helicopter that has cost millions of dollars for the purpose of chasing a lone terrorist, or a small group of terrorists, at high risk. The homeland is also unprepared for this new kind of war. The population is concentrated in a limited area, constituting an easy target for missiles...

...A terrorist might be deterred by the knowledge that new surveillance tools have been developed that could identify him, even in a large crowd; that his weapon could be detected without his knowledge. This kind of deterrent could be based on miniaturised arms or on remote-control robots operating on the battlefield; perhaps even on a type of intelligence hitherto unknown, grounded in revolutionary nanotechnology.

Luckily, Israel already has an excellent group of hi-tech scientists capable of developing detection and defence devices that have the capacity to target the enemy individually and give personal protection...

Gaza doctors encounter 'unexplained injuries'

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Siniora rejects Israeli peace offers BEFORE they arrive

Such surreal prime ministers...

Siniora: We reject Israeli peace offers even before they arrive

By Eli Ashkenazi and Yulie Khromchenko, Haaretz Correspondents, and Reuters

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Sunday he had made numerous and unsuccessful overtures to his Lebanese counterpart to talk peace. Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora's office responded that no such invitations had arrived and would be rejected anyway.

Olmert said: "How natural it would be if the Lebanese prime minister replied to the many requests I conveyed to him, through different people, to sit down together, shake hands, make peace and end once and for all the hostility, fanaticism and hatred that part of his country feels towards us."

A statement from Siniora's office said: "Nobody has conveyed such invitations. [They] are rejected before they arrive."

Israelis getting bitten by Lebanese Scorpions

Let's see if this guy gets the Mel-Gibson

On the plight of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

by Trevor Royle

Either by accident or design, while events in southern Lebanon were grabbing the headlines the world over, everyone seemed to forget the plight facing the Palestinians in Gaza. In the same period more than 200 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed by Israeli soldiers and now the infrastructure in the Strip is falling to bits. Yesterday was the first day of the new school year in Gaza yet classrooms remained empty as 37,000 teachers joined other unpaid government workers on strike.

As for food, forget it. There’s about a month’s supply left for more than a million people, the grain silos are empty and there’s no more fish to be had because the Israelis have banned local fishermen from plying their trade. No wonder that Arnold Vercken, the UN World Food Programme director for Gaza and the West Bank announced last week that the situation facing the people in the Palestinian territories is one of hopelessness and despair. Even if sufficient money is raised to send in aid supplies – so far $114 million (£7m) has been pledged – nobody really knows if the Israelis will open the border checkpoints. It’s as bad as it gets...