Saturday, July 01, 2006

Geronimo's Words of Wisdom

"I was warmed by the sun, rocked by the winds and sheltered by the trees as other Indian babes. I was living peaceably when people began to speak bad of me. Now I can eat well, sleep well and be glad. I can go everywhere with a good feeling.

The soldiers never explained to the government when an Indian was wronged, but reported the misdeeds of the Indians. We took an oath not to do any wrong to each other or to scheme against each other.

I cannot think that we are useless or God would not have created us. There is one God looking down on us all. We are all the children of one God. The sun, the darkness, the winds are all listening to what we have to say.

When a child, my mother taught me to kneel and pray to Usen for strength, health, wisdom and protection. Sometimes we prayed in silence, sometimes each one prayed aloud; sometimes an aged person prayed for all of us... and to Usen.

I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures."

Secretary General Nassrallah: Speech 7/25/06

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's address on 25th July 2006 via Al-Manar TV

Dated 25/07/06

After two weeks of confliction and barbarian Zionist attack against the steadfastness of this proud nation and this courageous resistance, which is nearing the level of miracle, I wish to address you because there are some issues that require comments as well as the embracement of certain stances so that we will understand how to continue our forthcoming days.

Regarding the political aspect, we must understand and accept the truth of war and the background of the aggression. After two weeks, the issues have become much clearer with the abundance of the information and public stances and statements of each the US administration officials and the Zionist enemy as well as those who take their side.

In addition, there are numerous analyses and facts that can only lead to one crystal clear conclusion. If we understand the war we are fighting at present we will be able to comprehend the method required to continue our way.

After listening to the speech of the US Secretary of State on a New Middle East, which means a new US-Israeli Middle East, can anyone imagine that this gigantic project was born in one or two days after the resistance captured the two Israeli soldiers?

All the information confirms that the launching pad for this project has been under preparation since one year minimum. According to the US reckoning, there are obstacles ahead of a new Middle East. This means the region which the US administration controls and solely administers its affairs, sources and fortunes with its first partner "Israel". In the new Middle East, there is no place for any resisting movement. What is required is to work on eliminating the obstacles, which are the resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine as well as Syria and Iran.

The issue began in Palestine. The elimination of the resisting movements in Palestine was a demand. Then elections took place and the resistance movement won, placing them [the schemers] in a situation of embarrassment. Hence, they struck the Palestinian nation, starved it, prevented aid from it, and they have been driving the situation in Palestine towards an internal conflict. The menace that threatened the Palestinian nation was the internal conflict. Later, the capturing of the Israeli soldier took place in Gaza. The significance of this operation was that it pushed the gravity of the internal conflict away from the Palestinians and brought them back to the main and real battle.

In Lebanon, over the entire past year, there have been US direct and indirect efforts exerted. The Americans, clearly, widely and dedicatedly, observed the developments of the internal conditions in Lebanon. They had their bets that failed on the internal level. They could not find someone who can eliminate the resistance current and its existence in Lebanon. The public embracement of the resistance shocked them. Therefore, they pursued another option. Within one year, they studied the situation of the Lebanese army, and we know that there were several military delegations that arrived and asked numerous questions. They were surprised because the Lebanese army was unable to risk this kind of battle because it was a national army, patriotic with its leaders, officers, seniors and soldiers. The dogma of the army prevents it from being involved in this kind of conspiracy. The army commandment played a wise and delicate role during the difficult stage that stormed Lebanon pertaining to its internal conditions.

They bet on inserting Hizbullah in the government to render it become busy in positions and plans, which may encourage it to recede from its combative responsibilities; this did not happen.

All the internal information proved that this issue was unsuitable for gambling. Hence, they waited the results of the dialogue. They observed its details and reached an outcome that this goal was out of reach. The Americans reached a point where they saw that there was no internal way they could bet on to finish the resistance with its current and existence.

On the regional level, they gambled on our friends in Syria and Iran and discovered, despite all their falsities and vanities, that neither Iran nor Syria were willing to finish the resistance in Lebanon or Palestine. They reached the inescapable conclusion according to their perception that there was only one side on which they can depend to strike the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, and later work on isolating and intimidating Syria and Iran.

The Israeli War

Based on this perception, the Americans decided on the Israeli war on Lebanon. The information that we obtained explained that all the maneuvers which the enemy forces had conducted over the past few months, especially in the northern part of Occupied Palestine and in the southern part of Occupied Palestine, were probably preparations for the assault on Lebanon. This aggression was already planned or it was the basis of action either late September or early October. They also needed some data or intelligence information in order to continue their war plan.

The plan stipulates that the enemy should in one blow, with or without a reason, knowing that it gains the international worldwide support and cover, carry out a very powerful land assault that will make it control the entire area to the Litany River in order to stop the Katusha rockets launch. At the same time, the Israeli air force would strike all the houses of the leaders and officials as well as compounds and organizations of Hizbullah with the country infrastructure which would lead to complete paralysis in the movements of the resistance and the country, which would also incite the Lebanese street against the resistance, renders the resistance lose its ability in restoring the initiative, and inflicting upon it a fatal blow that will make its rebirth impossible. Had we not executed the capturing operation, this scenario would have been executed. I am being very transparent and clear. We constantly wondered, when we carried out this mission we anticipated this retaliation or this magnitude of such retaliation. When the capturing operation took place, the resistance, without knowing, frustrated the more serious plan and the worst scenario of the war on Lebanon and the resistance in Lebanon as well as on the people in Lebanon. This is the truth to which we have reached.

After the capturing mission, the Zionist enemy found itself facing a state of humiliation and could not tolerate this strike. Therefore, it rushed into the war which it had already planned. First of all, the significance of this hastiness is that the enemy lost the element of surprise, which should have taken place while we are unaware or sleeping. In a short period, the south of Litany was going to be occupied at minimum with the bombardment of our homes, centers and organizations. We would loose administration, control, communication and the possibility of movement; hence, it would completely finish the resistance with the least possible losses. The first scenario was frustrated and the element of surprise was dropped. This scenario depended on this element of surprise which was the gravest issue. In addition, the enemy was forced to carry out this mission before its time and before the completion of the facts and information with the necessary preparations that would imperfect this mission, which could have also helped in its success more than ever.

To my dear Lebanese nation and the nations of the world, the hearts of which are aching for us, I say that now we began conclusively and evidently seeing the backgrounds and objectives of this war, hence, this entire argument. The enemy was, anyhow, going into this war. What the resistance achieved was overwhelmed by a divine kindness. Today, the basis upon which the war was launched and planned was to return Lebanon to the circle of the US-Israeli control and hegemony. This is worse than the 1982 invasion and the 17-May agreement. They want to extract Lebanon entirely out of its history, commitment, culture and real identity to become a Zionist and American country with American facades that would only obey and implement without any power. Our destiny lies with the noble patriots, we must face this ominous project and we must frustrate the goals of this war. We must fight the battle of freeing the remaining part of our soil and the rest of our prisoners. We must fight the real battle of sovereignty and true independence. We stressed on this issue over the past few days.

Today, the diplomatic and political movements began. They gave the enemy the necessary chance and they will give it an additional chance. Before Rice, delegations arrived. All of those who came until now bore US-Zionist dictations. They did not present any settlements and solutions for the present crises and conflict.
For now, I will not discuss the proposals and terms because we prefer to spare this issue for the employed mechanisms and private sessions, especially that this dossier with its particularities and entirety is being pursued by the people whom we trust and on whom we bet. But I would like to say a short comment to be clear to you and to the entire world.

I can be certain that we can neither accept any terms that may humiliate our country, our people and resistance nor any other formula at the expense of our national interests, sovereignty and national independence, especially after all these sacrifices. This is unacceptable regardless of how long the confrontation may take or how dear the sacrifices may be. Our true and main slogan is, above all, dignity. The houses have been destroyed and they will be rebuilt God willing, likewise the infrastructure. On the other hand, we cannot allow anyone to waste the dignity. We cannot accept any humiliating terms. We are open to the political solution and discussion and we are dealing with responsibility and flexibility. But there is a red line.

Miss Rice came to Lebanon and departed to occupied Palestine and gave the enemy another chance. Surely, we are facing another week or ten days as the Israelis themselves are stating. We are facing decisive and fateful days that require further steadfastness and internal cohesion and endurance. They are waging their bets. The entire war is about he who will first give up.

We will continue our challenge. At this point, I wish to move to the issue of the battlefield. After all this time and after this entire extremism of the Israeli enemy, we realized that we have entered the stage of Haifa. But now I would like to declare that we entered the after-Haifa stage. Consequently, there is a new phase of challenge and conflict which the enemy imposes on us as an inescapable choice for the new stage. Yes, the boundaries of Haifa will not be the boundaries of our bombardment regardless of the reactions of the enemy forces. We will move on to the after-Haifa stage. After that, we will decide on the time when to move to the after-after-Haifa stage, depending on the developments. This is first.

Second, regarding the situation on the battlefield, until now, the resistance combatants have accomplished great achievements and inflicted upon the enemy great losses including officers, soldiers, warplanes and tanks. Today, we are fighting in Bint Jbail and we will fight in Bint Jbail like we fought in Maroun el-Rass and like we will fight in each town, village, outpost and position. I said a few days earlier that we were not a classical army and that we do not form a classical defensive line. We are fighting using the way of the guerillas. Everyone knows the way of the fight. What is important regarding the battlefield is the losses the will be inflicted upon the enemy.

At this point, I can tell you, pertaining to the land incursion which the enemy may achieve, knowing that it possesses huge forces on this field, still, the objective of this incursion will not be achieved. This is the prevention of striking the settlements in the northern part of occupied Palestine. This bombardment will continue regardless of the land incursion and the new occupation. The occupation of one span of our Lebanese soil will create a new drive and an additional motive for the continuation and escalation of the resistance. The Zionist army coming to our land will give us a greater chance to nail it and nail its soldiers, officers and tanks. It will give us a greater and wider chance for a direct clash and it will bleed the enemy forces instead of hiding behind their forts at the international border, satisfied with the powerful air force that pounds the towns and villages and kills the innocent civilians of the women and children.

In the battle, we will have the upper hand. The criterion in the battlefield resides in the bleeding of the enemy, not in the land that we will preserve or loose. This is because we do not use a regular fight. Any land which the enemy occupies will be resorted after inflicting upon this enemy all possible losses.

Therefore, we are prepared and ready for the battlefield and we will continue. We gamble and depend on God The Exalted and on those strong hands and hearts that are full of faith, minds that are full of knowledge, and spirits that thirst after the meeting of God The Exalted. Such men undervalue this life and the atrocities of this life; hence, they maintain their firmness and keep their feet fixed on the battlefield.

Regarding the confrontations on the field, I wish to draw your attention to the nature of the psychological war which the enemy employs and to which we, as resisting militants and people, must give attention. I can assure you that we will be transparent and honest with you. We do not hide our martyrs. If anyone of our leaders or cadres gets killed we will declare it with pride. If the number of our martyrs inclines we will be proud of it. If the enemy captures any wounded or people we will not deny it. If there will be injuries or prisoners we will not deny it. This is our way. Even when the fight took place in Maroun el-Rass, we said that there was fighting. And when we departed we said that Maroun el-Rass was over. You must listen to us, not to the psychological war which the Israeli enemy employs. Since two days, the enemy has been saying that it was now controlling Bint Jbail, with the aid and propaganda, unfortunately, of many Lebanese and Arab media means. They did not control the city of Bint Jbail. The entire city of Bint Jbail is still under the control of the Mujahideen until the recording of this message. They are fighting, facing and maintaining their steadfastness.

The enemy is talking about hundreds of martyrs of Hizbullah. Where are those hundreds? They are talking about 20 captives. Where are those 20 captives? A few days earlier, the enemy talked about two captives in Maroun el-Rass. After that, it released them because they were two civilians who did not have any ties to the resistance.

The enemy keeps talking about the occupation of cities and villages as well as the killing of large numbers of people in order to hurt the morale of the Mujahideen and people. I say to you, do not believe these lies, and listen to us. When some of our men die we will declare our martyrs. When we depart a village after fighting like heroes we will declare that we departed. We do not lie to our people, but it is the enemy that lies to its people, and it is the one that practice censorship. The enemy does not tell the facts to its people or the world. This is a sign of its weakness. On the other hand, our transparency and clarity is the proof of our strength and willpower.

Anyhow, when we chose this way we knew that we were choosing the hard way, the way of the martyrdom that makes victory. We are determined to stand out and maintain our steadfastness, dignity, sovereignty, freedom and the freedom of our homeland. What is required is that we maintain our endurance and steadfastness as well as continue. In the end, the situation will not remain the same. We, God willing, have been promised with victory, and we will emerge triumphant in this battle like we did in the past. Our steadfastness will render the reality change around us. It will change the regional and international reality.

The long time will not be available for this enemy irrespective of the cover which the US administration provides to this enemy. In the end, this pure blood, bleeding from the victimized civilians of the women and children as well as the victimized martyrs and resisting Mujahideen of the resistance or the Lebanese national army or any other people in any position of sacrifice, this blood must emerge triumphant and beat and sword. This is the way of God.

May peace and the blessing of God be upon all of you...

Paean To Geronimo


The Desert's mighty Silence;
no fuss of man can spill
A hundred Indians whoop and sing,
And still the Land is still;
But on the city drunk with sound
the whisper is a shout --
'Apaches on the war-path!
Geronimo is out!'

Brave rode our wiry troopers --
they rode without avail;
Their chase he tweaked it by the nose,
and twisted by the tail;
Around them and around he rode --
A pack-train putters slow,
And 'horse and man of ours must eat' --
'Ahnh!' said Geronimo.

They never say a hair of him,
but ever and oft they felt --
Each rock and cactus spitting lead
from an Apache belt,
Where never sign of man there was,
nor flicker of a gun --
You cannot fight an empty hill;
you run -- if left to run!

A prophet of his people, he,
no War-Chief, but their Priest,
And strong he made his Medicine,
and deep the mark he creased --
The most consummate Warrior
since warfare first began,
The deadliest Fighting Handful
in the calendar of Man.

The Desert Empire that he rode
his trail of blood and fire,
Is pythoned, springs and valleys, with
the strangle-snake of wire.
The Fence has killed the Range and all
for which its freedom stood –
Though countless footsore cowboys mill
in mimic Hollywood.

A Tragedy? What wholesale words
we use in petty ways –
For murder, broken hearts of banks,
and disappointed days!
But here an Epoch petered out,
An Era ended flat;
The Apache was the Last Frontier –
The Tragedy is that!

-Charles Lummis of The Los Angeles Times

(Portrait by Edward S. Curtis, 1905)