Monday, September 04, 2006

Shimon Peres in today's Guardian

This war has taught us that Israel must revise its military approach

The frontlines have disappeared in this new kind of conflict, and our old deterrent weapons are no longer enough

Shimon Peres - September 4, 2006 - The Guardian

In Lebanon we have experienced a new form of battle... The line of division between the battle front and the home front is largely blurred...

...The arms that a country like Israel has at its disposal are not designed for wars of this nature. It would be senseless to use a plane or helicopter that has cost millions of dollars for the purpose of chasing a lone terrorist, or a small group of terrorists, at high risk. The homeland is also unprepared for this new kind of war. The population is concentrated in a limited area, constituting an easy target for missiles...

...A terrorist might be deterred by the knowledge that new surveillance tools have been developed that could identify him, even in a large crowd; that his weapon could be detected without his knowledge. This kind of deterrent could be based on miniaturised arms or on remote-control robots operating on the battlefield; perhaps even on a type of intelligence hitherto unknown, grounded in revolutionary nanotechnology.

Luckily, Israel already has an excellent group of hi-tech scientists capable of developing detection and defence devices that have the capacity to target the enemy individually and give personal protection...


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