Friday, September 01, 2006

The Price of Israel

Israel's war on Lebanon has exposed once and for all that its security will be bought even at the cost of war crimes and mass destruction. This immoral situation must come to an end, writes Lamis Andoni

...Indeed, while 1701 calls for the withdrawal of Israeli troops and stresses the sovereignty and integrity of Lebanon, its main aim is to prevent future attacks against Israel. Neither the resolution nor the diplomatic efforts that followed included any measures to prevent future Israeli attacks against Lebanon...

Holding Hizbullah accountable for both its deeds and with regard to its obligations, as a political party and a resistance force, within a sovereign state is both understandable and legitimate. But blaming Hizbullah for Israel's war crimes while ignoring US-backing of Israeli impunity leaves the Lebanese and the Palestinians at the mercy of US-Israeli plans of perpetual torture...

...Opposing Israeli aggression against the Arab people is construed as "terrorism", while Israel's destruction of people and societies who dare challenge its power is presented as "self-defence".

...An honest bid for a true solution would have directly addressed the core issue of ending Israeli occupation of Arab lands and the dispossession this led to. For their part, Western governments proved again too weak, if not downright right cowardly, to stand up to Washington's sanctioning of Israel's continued impunity.

The unfolding scene of the moral depravity of a US-led unipolar world is neither new nor shocking. Neither the US nor Israel have learned any lessons about the limits of political coercion and military force from the mess they have created in Iraq and Palestine. But while this is the nature of unchecked power, it is no excuse for the absence of an honest political discourse. It is time to openly challenge the sacred notion of the supremacy of Israeli security over the humanity and security of other people involved.

Whereas Israel's devastation of Palestine was hidden under "the umbrella" of terrorist Palestinians in Gaza, the Lebanon war has exposed Israeli security as self-defence as a euphemism for aggression with impunity.


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