Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rebuilding - How many more times?

Lebanese prime minister asks U.S. help

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora urged the United States on Wednesday to help end Israel's sea and air blockade, and said his country was making "every effort" to secure its borders.

"The United States can support us in putting real pressure on Israel to lift the siege," the Western-backed Saniora told reporters.

Lebanon unveils recovery plan to salvage post-war tourism

Before the 34-day war that began July 12 between Israel and the Hezbollah Shiite militia, Lebanon was anticipating 4.4-billion-dollars in revenue and investment in its tourism and tourism infrastructure this year.

"Now all this has gone," Sarkis said. "It's a total disaster."

Lebanon calls for post-war rebuilding 'sponsorship'

BEIRUT (AFP) --- "How to fund it?" Siniora asked of Lebanon's reconstruction at a press conference Wednesday..."We are in dire need of assistance."

Lebanon received an emergency aid of 500 million dollars from Saudi Arabia and 800 million dollars from Kuwait...Sixty governments and organizations are due to take part in an international donors' conference for Lebanon on August 31 in Sweden...Siniora said the cash donations offered by the Lebanese Shiite militant Hezbollah "are limited to" one-year rent and furniture for citizens whose homes were totally destroyed. "But at the end of the day, the issue (reconstruction) will be up to the government," he said.


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