Friday, August 11, 2006

Passports & Wallets, Terror & Walls of Madness: WHO'S TERRORIZING WHO?

The 'Terror Plot Unfoiled' news of yesterday made me very, very nervous. People keep talking about a New World Order, but yesterday's news got me thinking that this is more like a modern-day 'Old World Order' - if that can possibly make sense. It doesn't. But then again, nothing is making sense these days.

The Berlin Wall was constructed in 1961, over 40 years ago. It fell in 1989, nearly two decades ago. The fall of the Berlin Wall brought joy and relief to people all over the world. It was a progressive move, 20 years ago. Somewhere on that wall, someone wrote (in German) "eventually all walls will fall". But when?

That today, more walls are being built, is unbelievable, unacceptable, and regressive to say the least. And by whom? By the so-called "progressive" superpowers, by nations that no longer deserve to be called "First World Countries". First at what exactly? First at proudly being last? First at deluding themselves and their good citizens into thinking that they should lead the way for the rest of us, when they have no idea how? First at failing to recognize that National Security is far more important than warmongering in other countries?

As a Lebanese who was born in London and raised in Manhattan, I'm shocked that the US messed up so badly. I'm shocked that the American people have been neglected to the point where they had to experience the unbelievable destruction of the World Trade Center - 'America's two front teeth', I'm shocked that beautiful New Orleans had to suffer because the Bush Administration failed to ensure 'National Security', I'm shocked that my friends in New York, California, and Missouri have had to experience power outages - that their "Internets" (as Bush would say) are down, and I'm shocked that people are literally dying of heat. We in Lebanon are used to living without electricity, but as a New Yorker as well, I fear for America.

National Security is not about protecting a population of close to 300 million from a dozen or so "raghead terrorists". National security means making sure that your nation feels safe, warm, cool, comfortable, well-fed, healthy, educated, and both psychosocially and emotionally secure. How can those things be achieved by declaring horrifying wars on countries that are trying to develop, trying to ensure their own national security? National security will never be achieved by declaring a war on "terror" (oh how I loathe that word).

And about those walls: The Great Wall of Mexico. The US-Mexico Border Fence. I can't believe it. I just can't. Just as I couldn't believe the Israeli-West Bank Barrier Fence, The Separation Fence, or the "Apartheid Fence" - call it what you will. It's not a solution, and it's not progressive. It's regressive, and it's a serious problem. It's not about homeland security, it's about racism and discrimination. That the US is employing Mexicans to build the Wall for them, is shameful and detestable.

And now the aviation industry is being threatened to extinction. I can't help but regard the whole "terror plot unfoiled" of yesterday as an excuse to spread homeland terror, courtesy of the "homelands" themselves, i.e. the US and the UK. Liquid explosives have been around forever. Scotland Yard knows that. Everbody knows that. It's been a pain in the ass to travel ever since 9/11, and if you ask me, it's always been a pain in the ass to travel. I hate airports. But ever since 9/11, it's been unbearable. Packing and unpacking, packing and unpacking, get your laptop out, put it back in, take it out again, and put it back in -- AT THE AIRPORT. Packing and unpacking used to be something that took place at home.

And now we can only take our passports and wallets on board. No eyedrops. No water. No moisturizer. No toothpaste. But baby formula is allowed, as long as the mother tastes it first as part of a security procedure. How Medieval of the "First World".

In an article posted by the Asbury Park Press today, I read this:

No liquids, creams

Those precautions in six words: Dump the liquids before you board.

That meant no beverages, even if they were purchased in security-cleared airport shops. No shampoo or suntan lotion. No toothpaste, creams or hair gel.

"I'm a little concerned about the diaper ointment, because it's cream — I hope they allow that," said Christine Bilotti, 27, of Old Bridge as she entered a security checkpoint with her 10-month-old son.

The new regulations put into effect Thursday allowed passengers to board with baby formula, breast milk and juice for babies and small children.

"I'm still nursing him, so I lucked out with that," Bilotti joked.

Bilotti joked, but soon tits may be terrorized too, at this rate...

I also read this in another article titled 'Liquids ban on airplanes may linger', by CHRISTINA ALMEIDA, Associated Press Writer:

Ray Watson figured the ban on carrying liquids onto flights that forced thousands of travelers to discard cosmetics and other items would prove a boon for one industry: makers of toiletries.

"I can't imagine all the millions of dollars that the Colgate-Palmolives are going to reap from this," said Watson, 40, of Denver, as he waited to pick up his luggage at Los Angeles International Airport. "The Dumpsters in Phoenix were filled with shampoo and toothpaste."

What? Millions for Colgate-Palmolives? Who cares about a few million dollars worth of toiletries when billions are at stake? Shutting down the aviation industry might seem like a loss, but it is a calculated gain. Billions worth of fuel could be saved. And when people stop travelling, we'll all be living in the era of Christopher Columbus. The Old World. And then, when Bush warms up the world to the false idea that "Islamist fascism" is difficult to combat, people just may be persuaded to believe that the only way to deal with this situation is by nuking us all (Muslims, Arabs). By then, no one will be travelling, everyone will be on their homeland, and evacuations won't be necessary. So there will be little reason to think twice about nuking us in this region.

No I'm not worried about getting nuked in Lebanon. It's unlikely. But I worry for the world. And I worry for Iran. Human Beings are Human Beings. Human Beings are not Cockroaches to be exterminated.

I thought history was there to teach us how to evolve and progress. And how to avoid repeating the same old mistakes (and oh how many mistakes there are to learn from). But for some, and unfortunately for some of the most powerful, history is used as an outdated resource in finding "proven strategies", strategies that have been proven not to work.

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