Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New (messier) Middle East

Lebanon facing 'security vacuum', by Rory McCarthy in Jerusalem, Wednesday August 23, 2006, The Guardian

· UN warns fragile peace may face months of delay
· Italy will not send troops if Israel 'keeps shooting'

Italy's foreign minister, Massimo D'Alema, highlighted those concerns when he said his forces would not go in unless Israel respected the ceasefire. "From Israel, we expect a renewed effort, this time truly binding, to respect the ceasefire," he told La Repubblica newspaper. "It's fair to expect that Hizbullah put down their weapons, but we cannot send our troops to Lebanon if the [Israeli] army keeps shooting."

Three Lebanese soldiers killed by cluster bomb blast

BEIRUT (AFP) - Three Lebanese soldiers were killed trying to defuse an unexploded Israeli cluster bomb as the Jewish state lost a soldier to one of its own mines in Lebanon...the three were part of a team of deminers who had been clearing unexploded shells and bombs in areas of south Lebanon heavily bombed by the Israeli army.

Their deaths bring to 44 the number of Lebanese troops killed since Israel launched its military offensive on Lebanon on July 12.

Soldier killed by Israeli landmine in Lebanon

JERUSALEM (AFP) - The Israeli army has confirmed that a soldier was killed during an overnight "operation" in south Lebanon that wounded three others, saying the troops had accidentally hit an Israeli land mine...The unit "by accident entered a mine field placed by the Israeli army in south Lebanon near the Israeli border."

Syria threatens to close Lebanon border

HELSINKI,Finland - Syria has threatened to close its border with Lebanon if U.N. peacekeepers are deployed along the frontier, Finland's foreign minister said Wednesday.

And last but not least, Oil slick has sunk to seabed, says Greenpeace, by John Vidal, Wednesday August 23, 2006, The Guardian

Oh and Israelis: Lebanon situation 'explosive', By JENNY BARCHFIELD, (AP)


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