Sunday, August 27, 2006

Israel's Paranoid Schizophrenia

(Who still believes this stuff? Who cares if Ahmadinejad is a bit dodgy? All presidents and prime ministers are dodgy - to say the least. Ahmadinejad may be an anti-Zionist that talks the talk, but judging by his actions, he's far more peaceful than Bush, Blair, or any prime minister in Israeli history. So, will Israel ever relax? Or is it mass paranoid schizophrenia that we're dealing with here?)

"Israel air force chief to plan war on Iran"
By Harry de Quetteville in Jerusalem

Israel has appointed a top general to oversee a war against Iran, prompting speculation that it is preparing for possible military action against Teheran's nuclear programme.

Maj Gen Elyezer Shkedy, Israel's air force chief, will be overall commander for the "Iran front", according to military sources spoken to by The Sunday Telegraph...

"This… nuclear weaponry can come to constitute an existential threat to Israel and the rest of the world. My job is to maximise our capabilities in every respect. Beyond that, in this case, the less said the better."


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