Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Israeli Affairs: a rapist for a president & a pervert for a justice minister. Terrific!

Israeli president quizzed on sex claims, by Jennie Matthew (AFP)

Investigators arrived at his (Israeli President Moshe Katsav) Jerusalem residence Wednesday morning to question Katsav under caution about what the press said were the criminal offences of prohibited sexual relations, exploitation of status and possibly even rape...

Israeli ex-justice minister charged with sexual harassment

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Former Israeli justice minister Haim Ramon has been formally charged with sexually harassing a female soldier, a judicial source has said...

MEANWHILE...Yoel Marcus asks: Where are the voices of protest?

"The war has created a serious dilemma for the Israeli public."

"In 48 hours, 34 soldiers were killed for no rhyme or reason. The reservists felt duped. Like cannon fodder. God only knows how things might have ended if President Bush had not rushed to draw up a cease-fire agreement that gave us an honorable way of retreating from this unfortunate military campaign."

"Ehud Olmert's promise that Israel would soon be a fun place to live has become the joke of the year. The arrogance projected by our heads of state, including the defense minister, who promised that Nasrallah would never forget his name, and Olmert, who assured us that victory was already in our hands, has only made the public angrier. Israel's citizens want to know who is responsible around here."


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