Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Et Tu, Google?

I only started blogging a couple of days ago. As you can see, I decided to include Geronimo and Apache Helicopters in my blog title. It was my way of trying to share what I think is the "big picture" with whoever lands on my blog, and my way of trying to deal with the existential, daily blows to Beirut, and the annihilation of much of Lebanon (not to mention much of the world). At this point, it's not important that you get what I'm saying. What matters right now, is that one of the first things I uploaded was a great video from CNN, called "Geronimo's Skull?". It's about Bush, and Bush Senior, and Prescott Bush, Dubya's Grandaddy. And how Prescott stole Geronimo's Skull. And how Geronimo's grandson was practically begging George W. to give it back, so that Geronimo's spirit can rest. He warned that otherwise, the spirit would eventually take revenge and that it would ultimately lead to death. To make a long story short (for now), The Bush Trio has a history of being very naughty. And the CNN video I posted kinda illustrates that. I haven't even really told anyone about my blog, cuz I'm still working on it. Anyhow, about 6 or 7 hours after uploading the video, Google - to whom I've publicly and electronically declared my love - sends me this:

Your video has been rejected to me
11:47 pm (47 minutes ago)


Your video "Geronimo's Skull?" was rejected because it didn't comply
with our Program Policies.

Videos submitted to our program are subject to an initial review to ensure that they comply with our guidelines. When videos do not meet our standards, we disapprove them. You can review our guidelines at:

Please make sure that you have all legal rights to use the content you
wish to submit to Google. For more information about intellectual
property rights and the program, please visit:

Thank you for your cooperation.


The Google Video Team

Now, what's up with that? A couple of minutes after receiving the email, they disabled the original URL from which I uploaded the CNN video.

I'm leaving the video on my blog anyway. It's the screen right underneath the functional one of George Galloway. PLOKHA, Google! (As they say in Russia).

Update: CNN's 'Geronimos's Skull?' is back thanks to You Tube.. You'll find it in the side menu under 'Videos' (or at the beginning of my Blog). I guess since they're not dealing with the same bu**sh** as Google right now, the video will stay on my blog this time.


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