Friday, August 04, 2006

Employees of FOX Resign

From Mideastwire

As Safir, an independent newspaper, published in its August 4 issue a letter of resignation from two employees of the American Fox television network Sirine Sabbagh ad Jumanah Karadshah. Sirine wrote: "Dear all, We would like to inform you of our resignation from the 'Fox News' network in Amman, despite the fact that we didn't work directly for your network but we helped facilitate your work in the Middle East for the past three years. Our decision to resign is based on moral issues as we could no longer work for a news network that claims to be just and moderate, while being farthest from this. Your network is not only a tool in the hands of the American administration's and Israeli propaganda's hands, you are also war mongers without any sense of decency or even professionalism. You violated all the moral restraints and red lines. The Arab mother cries over her babies same as any American or Israeli mother. Arab blood is not cheap, and we aren't barbarians.
You should have been more responsible and had more decency when you decided to side with one faction against the other. You should have been responsible in what you sow [for your] naïve viewers.

"For the three years in which we worked for you, we believed that you would come to hold some respect for the people that inhabit this part of the world. But your scandalous snobbery and unilateral behavior in covering all the struggles in the Middle East do not show anything other than your lack of humanitarian compassion and unqualified support for Israel. Your lack of professional sense has made you a laughingstock throughout the world. Your lack of experience and your racial narrow-mindedness is not merely a mark of disgrace on all the American media, but also represents how your television networks are run amid countries that you only despise.

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Sirine Sabbagh
Jumanah Karadshah - As Safir, Lebanon


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