Monday, August 21, 2006

Don't go away mad. Just GO AWAY.

(Angry Post 1)

Israel Prepares To Resume Its War Against Hezbollah

BY TIM BUTCHER and COLIN RANDALL - The Daily Telegraph
August 21, 2006

JERUSALEM — Any chance of long-term peace between Lebanon and Israel all but vanished last night after the Israeli defense minister, Amir Peretz, said his country was preparing for another round of fighting.

Israel is probably *the* most annoying "state" in the world. It bugs me so much that I'm going to check out Ahmadinejad's blog right now...

Ok, nothing special happening at Nejad's blog. Except that Israelis are voting on his site. (Do they ever NOT vote ANYWHERE?? They are so...proactively annoying). Yes, annoying. Irritating and annoying. Irritating, annoying, and dangerous. I don't know why I bothered wasting my breath defending that state for 10 years when I should have known all along not to argue with the Lebanese about their own neighbor. See why people have problems with Israel? It's not because it's a Jewish state. It's because it's an a-n-n-o-y-i-n-g state. It knows no shame. It knows no respect. It knows no boundaries. It only knows false pride. And it knows Hezbollah - the "terrorist" organization that has put the world to shame with the example it is setting. Hezbollah is not a state within a state. Nor is it a state within a non-state. Like it or not, Hezbollah is an exemplary new government.

Let's reflect on some of Bush's latest utterances this time (but only just this one time): "Sometimes it takes people a while to come to the sober realization of what forces create stability and which don't..."


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